New Era of Business Intelligence
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

BI Project Done in Just Hours (Data Warehouse Based)

in a Few Hours

Proven out-of-the-box insights
across all Dynamics areas

Drag and Drop
Pre-made Reports

Fully customizable 150+ Ready-to-use Power BI reports with 2000+ KPIs


Add any field from Dynamics
with a click of a mouse

Unbeatable BI Experience

BI4Dynamics’s unique data transformation and architecture include Azure Data Lake and Data warehouse layers to ensure no compromising between:

  • Querying speed, data size, and number of users.
  • Data size and document level details.
  • Rich content and low project implementation costs.
  • Adding additional Dynamics or any other sources.

Speed & Power at your fingertips

BI4Dynamics is powerful enough that you are one-click away from creating any attribute, measure, or dimension of your choice.

Fast development

Data Warehouse Automation tool simplifies development to an unseen level. Automatically generates tens of thousands of rows of SQL code that builds a corporate data warehouse, and project documentation with a click of a mouse.

Customization, new vertical development, or external data sources integration is as easy as 1,2,3 because of our revolutionary approach. You are using the same tool as our developers when they were rebuilding the BI4Dynamics solution.
DWA generates SQL scripts (T-SQL, XML) that are 100% open for modification. Sections separated by placeholders structure all SQL scripts. Developers can mix automatically generated and custom SQL code and still use the DWA tool with no limitations.

Microsoft Dynamics consultants can deliver changes with brief training. The key to success is understanding Microsoft Dynamics data structures. Complete BI Project can be either customized or build in five wizard-driven steps.

Fast Development
SQL development

All BC application areas covered

BI4Dynamics automatically copies 179 tables suitable for analytics from BC and brings them to the Data Warehouse. 

BI4Dynamics creates more than 1 million lines of code in the automated process. 

The result is an analytical model with over 3000 BI fields (KPIs) that can be easily accessible using predefined Power BI or Excel dashboards.

Explore 150+ Power BI dashboards in our interactive live demo

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