New Era of Business Intelligence
for Microsoft Dynamics

BI Project Done in Just Hours (Data Warehouse Based)

Data Warehouse for content and performance
Pre-built Power BI Reports
Customization Wizard for endless flexibility

The only solution you need to transform Microsoft Dynamics data into clear insights

Explore 150+ Power BI dashboards in our interactive live demo

Based on 1000+ BI Projects for MS Dynamics

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Implementation in just a few hours

At BI4Dynamics, our out-of-the-box data warehouse automation covers 90% of your needs, with the remaining 10% customizable. Our solution swiftly automates data collection, data modeling, and Power BI report generation.



You can join any data source ranging from NAV 2009 to the latest D365 Business Central, and from AX R3 to D365 F&O.

D365 F&O


  • Optimize your Azure costs by choosing a ready-to-use BI solution to extract,
  • Transform, and utilize your D365 F&O to Power BI.
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D365 BC


  • Immediately benefit from customizable 3000 drag-and-drop fields seamlessly integrated into 200 Power BI dashboards.
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F&O (AX)


  • Join unlimited companies and databases.
  • Limitless global dimensions with additional currency for reporting.
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  • Out-of-the-box connector for any version from NAV 2009 till the latest BC Cloud into one Data Warehouse with Semantic layer.
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Less Modeling, More Insights

in a Few Hours

Proven out-of-the-box insights
across all Dynamics areas

Drag and Drop
Pre-made Reports

Fully customizable 150+ Ready-to-use Power BI reports with 2000+ KPIs


Add any field from Dynamics
with a click of a mouse


Wizard-driven customizations

Build and customize your BI solution in five steps with the BI4Dynamics Wizard, the same tool used by our developers. Integrate automatically generated code with custom SQL code as needed.

Integrate any MS Dynamics version or external data

Use Power Query-based BI4Dynamics ETL and Power BI Datamart for corporate BI models. Build composite models with Power BI Premium or Azure Analysis Services, adding any source supported by Power BI Desktop, for departmental reports.

Any source supported by Power BI Desktop

Our satisfied customers

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That’s why we’d love to invite you to a personalized product tour with one of our team members. 

This is a no-pressure opportunity to explore how our solution can fit your needs, ask questions, and see firsthand what makes BI4Dynamics unique.

Get answers to your questions in real-time & Learn from our experienced team about best practices and advanced features.

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No, BI4Dynamics eliminates the need for developing custom reports in Dynamics or modeling in Power BI. You can automatically generate a data warehouse, analytical model, and project documentation without writing a single line of code.

Yes, you can join any data source ranging from NAV 2009 to the latest D365 Business Central, and from AX R3 to D365 F&O.

No, BI4Dynamics addresses data migration problems that can be caused by Dynamics upgrades by directly joining new and archived databases in the BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse.

You can do that easily by using the BI4Dynamics Wizard to build and customize your BI Solution in five steps. This means you’ll be utilizing the same tool as our developers use. Additionally, if required, you can integrate automatically generated code with custom SQL code

Absolutely. BI4Dynamics allows you to add multiple companies into a single Data Warehouse. You can also gain access to unlimited global dimensions across companies; in addition to supporting local and corporate currencies.

You can integrate external data sources using:
1. Corporate BI model – Power Query-based BI4Dynamics ETL Power BI Datamart: Adding any external database using Power Query-based BI4Dynamics ETL and Power BI Datamart.
2. Department Power BI Report – Bulid a composite model using Power BI Premium or Azure Analysis Service: Extending BI4Dynamics Corporate Tabular Model by adding any source supported by Power BI Desktop.

You can drill down to the document level without the need for aggregation.

The BI4Dynamics implementation process is divided into several key steps:

  1. Prerequisites: Ensure system requirements are met, including hardware and software specifications.
  2. Installation and Configuration: We open a license, schedule a 2-hour session with your IT and our implementation team to assist with the installation on your server. We ask for RDC to fine-tune the installation.
  3. Analytical Layer Deployment: Choose from three options – On-Premises Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services, or Power BI Premium, based on your needs and infrastructure.
  4. Power BI & Excel Reports: Connect your Power BI and Excel dashboards to the BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse. Over 150 pre-defined Power BI dashboards are included.
  5. Customizations (Optional): Address any unique analytical needs you may have, either through our Development Wizard or by outsourcing to our skilled team.
  6. Workshop: An 2 hours orientation workshop for business users is conducted to provide in-depth information and examples.
  7. Support: Our implementation and development team can answer any questions and guide you through best practices.

This structured approach is applicable also in Free Trial.

It ensures a smooth and efficient implementation, allowing your organization to quickly benefit from the powerful analytics capabilities of BI4Dynamics.

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